Testimonials from Real Clients

Choosing the right Tulsa divorce attorney is one of the most important things you will have to do when you are facing a marriage dissolution. Hensley Legal Services, PLLC will always fight aggressively for your interests and those of any children involved, but don’t take our word for it. The following testimonials are given by real clients who have given us permission to share what they had to say about their experience with us. This can help to give you a better idea of what you can expect when working with the Tulsa divorce attorney team of choice for so many.

I am so glad that we have you guys in our corner! Hensley legal services has done more for us in 8 months than our other attorney did in 3 years! THANK YOU!!!!!


I was very pleased with the overall service of Hensley Legal services. I would highly recommend your services to friends, family, and colleagues.


Jeff always seems to understand what I’m asking, and I recommend Jeff to everyone I come across who has family law issues. Everyone.


Very good customer service, professional, and understanding. There are affordable payment plans that fir your budget. I love Jeff, Jennifer, and Derrick. They are wonderful people!!!


Jeff seemed to understand everything I’ve asked him. If I had any major problems I went straight to the boss & got everything taken care of. He was very professional throughout the 5 years we’ve got to work together…he didn’t pull any punches & was able to set me straight. Best attorney I’ve ever had to work with. I always recommend Jeff to everyone.


My questions and concerns were heard and understood well. The attention paid to the details I presented was much appreciated!


The entire staff has been pleasant to work with and helpful in answering my questions or concerns. I now have relative peace of mind when dealing with my ex-husband, mainly because I don’t have to deal with him unless absolutely necessary. I’m trying to get a friend to talk to a lawyer about their situation and I’ve recommended they talk to Jeff.


Mr. Hensley is a dedicated advocate and tenacious lawyer. I am consistently impressed with his ability to communicate and guide his clients through complex legal matters.


I have had many attorneys dealing with my custody issues. Jeffrey is the only one who has helped me out over and beyond. He can always be reached, worked very hard on my case, and actually cared about my issues. He doesn’t lie to you, he let’s you know the truth. He has been my attorney for over 3 years now and I will not go anywhere else.


Jeff helped us so much after we were being dragged through a horrible fight. We love him so much and he helped do what 4 other attorneys were completely incapable of. My case was very confusing and there was a lot to it and he helped straighten it all out and complete our adoption. He is amazing.


Mr. Hensley represented me in my custody case and although there was not much involvement from the opposing party he always had a plan B and C just in case. Anytime I’ve had a question or concern I’ve never had a problem getting in touch with him or him with me. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed any kind of family law representative.


Mr. Hensley is a very intelligent man. A man of great dignity and composure. In every situation that came about, Mr. Hensley was compassionate and understanding. He remained calm and very professional while in and out of court. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hensley.


I have used Mr. Hensley’s Tulsa divorce attorney services through my divorce and throughout multiple custody battles. His utmost professionalism, intricate knowledge of the law, attention to every detail, and ability to produce fair and favorable outcomes are some of the reasons that I have referred him to friends and family without hesitation. Jeff has demonstrated genuine concern for my situation and has been a much needed source of legal expertise. Though I hope not to need an attorney for this matter again, he is on my speed dial!


Jeff Hensley is sharp, intelligent, determined, and exceptionally talented at litigation. He provided the results I was looking for while surpassing all of my expectations along the way. Jeff is tremendously thorough, which directly impacted our success in the courtroom. Additionally, I was consistently comforted when we spoke by how plugged-in to my situation he always was. With every credence I recommend Jeff Hensley as, hands-down, the best family law attorney aka Tulsa divorce attorney.


Jeff is a professional, understanding, and thorough attorney. He is very approachable, personable, and very easy to communicate with. Jeff and his excellent team worked very hard with my husband’s very difficult custody case to achieve the outcome he deserved. My husband and I highly recommend Hensley Legal Services for any divorce, separation, family, and child custody issues. With Mr. Hensley you will receive a FAIR legal outcome!

Becky and Jeff

For more testimonials, go to the Google reviews on the Hensley Legal Services of Tulsa Divorce Attorney Google listing. You will find more than 60 reviews – 80% of which are 5-star reviews. Most of the reviewers also left comments regarding their experience with Jeff Hensley and/or his family law team.