Spousal Support

Representing Your Interests in Northeast Oklahoma Spousal Support Cases

Spousal Support In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a little different from other states in terms of spousal support. In Oklahoma, there are no statutory guidelines for support and no presumption that the parties can expect support to maintain a standard of living similar to the one they enjoyed during the marriage. To receive spousal support in Oklahoma, the party seeking support needs to file a petition and show legitimate need for support.

Spousal Support Representation

The alimony laws in Oklahoma are problematic in a number of ways. Because the state does not have the same statutory guidelines as many other states, it is difficult to gauge how a case will play out. Each judge has tremendous leeway, so two very similar cases can result in thousands of dollars’ difference in their support judgments, depending on which judge the parties happen to get for their cases. With this kind of uncertainty, it is critical to work with a Tulsa attorney who is thoroughly experienced and can help guide you throughout the process.

At Hensley Legal Services, PLLC, we have a wealth of experience helping clients through the spousal support process all over Green Country. Tulsa alimony attorney and firm founder Jeffrey A. Hensley, Esq., handles spousal support, maintenance, and related issues. Our law firm brings a thorough understanding of spousal support law and a firm commitment to helping each client through this complex process.

Our firm can represent your interests whether you are seeking support or contesting a possible support judgment. We will help you determine the best approach for protecting your interests and obtaining the best outcome possible.

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