Family Law

Compassionate Representation in the Most Sensitive of Family Law Cases

In many areas of law, the issues involved can be somewhat separated and compartmentalized from one another. This is not the case in divorce. All of the legal issues involved in a divorce—from child custody to division of assets—are inherently connected, each issue impacting the others. It is essential that you work with an attorney who can help you understand the big picture and walk you through every related issue in your divorce.

At Hensley Legal Services, PLLC, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge representing northeast Oklahoma clients in all aspects of divorce. Tulsa family law attorney and firm founder Jeffrey A. Hensley, Esq., represents clients in divorce-related matters including, but not limited to:

Not long ago, most people assumed that a divorce would involve a lengthy, contentious courtroom battle. Times have changed, though. Regardless of the specific issues involved, most people facing a divorce want to avoid this type of courtroom warfare, preferring a more amicable, efficient approach.

At Hensley Legal Services, PLLC, we will help you find solutions that work for you — using an approach that will suit your family’s needs. If possible, we will help you arrive at a favorable resolution of all your divorce-related disputes through mediation and other non litigious means. If this is not possible, we will aggressively defend your interests in the courtroom.

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