Guardianships & Grandparents’ Rights

In Northeast Oklahoma Grandparents Have Rights Too—And We Can Help

Tulsa Child Guardianship Lawyer

The complications involved in a divorce are increased when grandparents are involved in child-rearing or the parents are having trouble adequately caring for their children. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or other interested party in this type of situation, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can protect you throughout your case.

At Hensley Legal Services, PLLC, we help clients with a range of child-related divorce issues, including guardianships and grandparents’ rights. We represent clients throughout Green Country in Okahoma. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our Tulsa child guardianship attorney, Jeffrey A. Hensley, Esq., will work with you and remain available to you throughout your case. We will help you understand your rights and options and help protect your interests and the interests of the children involved.

Temporary Child Guardianships

In Oklahoma, almost all guardianships are temporary. When parents are unable to care for their children, a guardianship can transfer decision-making authority from the parents to another party for a period of time. Often grandparents, aunts and uncles, other relatives, or family friends step in to become guardians while parents improve their situations.

Some cases are amicable, with the parents willingly transferring their children’s care to a guardian, and other cases involve the parents disputing an attempted guardianship by a third party. In contested cases, the prospective guardian or guardians must establish that the parents are unfit. At Hensley Legal Services, PLLC, we represent people seeking guardianships as well as parents seeking to defend their parenting rights. Whatever your interests in a guardianship case, we can help you.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents are among the most common players in guardianships and custody disputes. When parents are unfit or when disputes arise between a divorcing spouse and the other spouse’s parents, it is important for everyone to understand their rights and options.

Grandparents have rights to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren. We help grandparents obtain visitation privileges with their grandchildren and guardianships when appropriate.

If you’d like to learn more about guardianships and grandparents’ rights, or if you would like to set up a consultation with our skilled family law attorneys to discuss your situation and your legal options, please contact Hensley Legal Services, PLLC today.

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